FutureProof Book


Publishing Designer


June 2020

Tools used

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop


In my last year at Brunel University, I joined the "FutureProof" team to help organizing Brunel's 2020 Degree Show. My role was being one of the Book and Print Managers and I worked alongside Sebastian Negus in order to create the book for this event. Due to the global pandemic, we also made an interactive eBook version, in order to reach a bigger audience during this difficult period.


The main purpose of the book was to present the projects created by the Digital Design and Visual Effects students during the 2019/20 academic year. We created a full spread for each student in order to fit their details, social media links, three projects, and a few paragraphs of text. There are also chapters dedicated to the events organized by Brunel Digital, workshops, articles, and information regarding the courses.

Book Case

The bookcase serves as a premium feature and it was sent alongside the book in a limited amount.