Print Design


Brunel University


2018 - 2019

Tools used

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop


Here you will be able to see a collection of posters, leaflets, and banners, which I created during my placement year at Brunel University. The main purpose for which I created these assets was to promote a certain event, but also to provide information to people regarding that topic. The first one is the "Your Voice counts" poster, through which I was trying to convince people to give their feedback regarding their course modules.

Unlocking Your New Home

Here you will be able to see a selection of documents which I created during my placement year at Brunel University. The first one is "Unlocking your new home", which is a booklet given by Brunel to students who rented a house from them. This booklet contains instructions and rules regarding these houses. My job was to transform the old version (some text-only pages) into a more professional and friendly document.


"Costcutter" is the main market inside Brunel University's campus and they always have different promotions in order to help the students. So, they contacted me to create a set of posters with their current offers. I wanted to go with something a little bit different from the typical white supermarket poster, by using a green gradient in the corners.

Advancing Brunel

"Advancing Brunel" is a booklet that shows the development made by Brunel University in recent years with the financial help which they receive from different sponsors or partners. My role was to create the eleventh issue regarding the 2016 - 2018 period. For this document I had to strictly use the Brunel's brand guidelines due to its importance and the official content.

Professional Development Centre

The "Professional Development Centre" or the "PDC" is the department that offers advices to students regarding employability. Also, they help students with their applications to different jobs or placements. So, I created the flyer bellow to inform the students about this facility and the banner for certain location in which it can draw attention more easily.

Centre for Comedy Studies Research

The "Centre for Comedy Studies Research" is an international research centre devoted to the academic study of comedy. My task was to visually refresh their A5 leaflet, but without changing the main elements. The main adjustments that I made were to play a little bit more with the black and yellow background and to change the front cover to a more minimalist style. I also added a dot-pattern on the background (using the fifth colour).

Our Digital Revolution

"Our Digital Revolution" was the theme for Brunel's public series in 2019, for which I created a poster and an A5 flyer in order to promote the event. Due to the fact that this event took place every Wednesday for three weeks, I also created the A5 leaflets that were given at the event in order to provide information regarding future events.

Introduction to Apprenticeships

For this leaflet, I received an unconventional type of brief. It was a low-quality piece of paper that represented the improvised leaflet used by another university for a similar purpose. So, I had to redesign it and implement the Brunel's brand guidelines to it.

Local Job Fair

In order to promote the local job fair hosted by Brunel University, I created the poster and the landscape flyer that are bellow. Due to the fact that this event did not have its own visual identity, I used Brunel's colour palette and their brand guidelines for the layout. The main challenge was to incorporate the bottom add for their app with the rest of the poster.