Clean it


University project


April 2020

Tools used

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects


"Clean it" is a concept that is addressing the global waste problem, which is primarily affecting the cities with a large population such as London. The first step was to give this concept a brand identity by creating a minimal logo with an overlapping effect. The colour palette aims to help the concept of the platform, by using the yellow, orange, and red in order to indicate the difficulty of the waste spots and the points at stake.

Mobile App

The mobile app aims to create a community that would be able to compete in a point-based system, if they report waste spots or if they confirm that they cleaned those areas. Also, this concept offers a library with different objects which people might not know how to recycle properly. Due to the fact that it's a unique concept, the app has a set of instructions at the start. Here you can have a look on the interactive prototype.

Smartwatch App

The smartwatch app serves as a companion to the mobile app in order to make some features easier to access by the users. These features are: a progress tracker, a nearby sport alert and a list with the available vouchers. Here you can have a look on the interactive prototype.

Marketing Assets

The marketing assets created for this project have the purpose to spread awareness on the subject, rather than directly promoting the mobile application. That's because people should use this concept in order to fix a problem which they are aware of. I also designed a landing page for "Clean it" and here you can have a look on the prototype.