Eagle's Club


University project


March 2020

Tools used

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator


The "Eagle's club" is a digital experience that puts the users in a contest based on general knowledge. Those who manage to pass all three stages will receive access to the private club. The name "Eagle" comes from the name of the southernmost point on the American continent and "Club" from the northernmost point. So, for the logo I decided to combine the shape of the building in which the contest would take place with an eagle.

The contest

This contest would take place in a special building which would have eight sections: the first one for reception and kitchen, six where the levels are being played and the top one for the private club. The users will sit at a table in the elevator where they will receive food before each level as a hint for the next questions. If they pass that level, the elevator doors will open and they will have the opportunity to explore that floor.

Mobile app

The mobile app can be used by the users to create an account, to schedule a day for the contest, and to track their progress. During the contest, the mobile app would be used as a platform where they would answer the questions. Also, the mobile app would serve as a remote control for the experience, with which they can change the volume, speed, and other small details. Here you can have a look on the interactive prototype.

Elevator concept

Most of the contest takes place in the elevator where the users receive information about that level and then they have to answer the questions. The three walls of the elevator which have screens are used to display the information and the questions. Bellow, you can see what is displayed on these three walls for the first level. Here you can have a look on the interactive prototype.